As a business owner or agency, you understand the importance of effective communication in driving lead conversion and increasing customer lifetime value. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through SMS marketing. Yeti Text is here to help you understand the concept of SMS delivery and how it can be leveraged to enhance your communication strategies.

Understanding SMS Delivery

In the realm of SMS marketing, delivery refers to the successful transmission of your text messages to your clients’ mobile devices. It’s a crucial metric that mirrors the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns. A high delivery rate means your messages are reaching your intended audience without any hitches, thereby increasing the chances of lead conversion and customer engagement.

The Significance of SMS Delivery

Imagine having a robust list of subscribers but your messages aren’t reaching them. It’s like having a voice but no one to hear it. If your messages aren’t delivered, your clients won’t be able to engage with your content, which could negatively impact your ROI. SMS delivery ensures that your voice is heard, your messages are seen, and your marketing efforts are not in vain.

Navigating SMS Delivery Challenges

There are several factors that can affect SMS delivery. Here are some common issues and how you can address them:

Sign-up Errors: Sometimes, clients may input incorrect phone numbers during sign-up. This can be mitigated by using advanced sign-up tools that validate phone numbers in real-time.

Phone Filters: If your business number is not saved as a contact in your client’s phone, your messages may be filtered out. A simple solution is to send a virtual contact card to your clients upon sign-up or get them to reply to at least one message (this is why it’s important to start early with a simple, but highly engaging question).

Phone Number Type: The type of phone number you use for your SMS marketing can affect delivery. For smaller businesses, we recommend local numbers. For larger businesses a toll free with high-volume (10-50 SMS per second) is recommended.

Carrier Spam Filters: Carriers in the US have instituted a “self-policing” program that is fully in effect September 1st, 2023 where businesses are required to share their information (name, EIN, address, email, etc) and register their use case (marketing, appointment reminders, promotional broadcasts) with the phone carriers. Non-registered businesses will not be able to text their prospects/customers. Also, carrier spam filters exist to protect clients from unwanted messages. To avoid your messages being flagged as spam, ensure you comply with carrier policies and avoid using third-party link shorteners like those that are commonly used by scammers.

Boosting Your SMS Delivery with Yeti Text

At Yeti Text, we understand the intricacies of SMS delivery and have designed our platform to help businesses like yours maximize their SMS marketing ROI. Our platform offers features like real-time phone number validation, virtual contact card sending, and built-in URL shorteners to ensure your messages reach your clients’ main inbox.

In conclusion, SMS delivery is a vital aspect of your SMS marketing strategy. By understanding and effectively navigating the challenges associated with it, you can significantly improve your lead conversion and customer lifetime value. Yeti Text is here to support you every step of the way. Call or text 858-800-4552 with any questions or to schedule a demo.

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