Increase Sales by 25% or more through SMS

SMS has not only become an extremely effective way of marketing and driving more sales for your business. It has become an essential piece that every business should be taking advantage of. Watch this short video to learn how one client was able to drive 25% more business through the addition of one simple text message. 

As you saw in this video, this client added one simple text to their follow-up process when a customer came in for an oil change which has benefited their business greatly. They have seen such a large increase in business that they are willing to spend $2000+ per month on their text messaging budget alone to service the marketing of their five locations.


Fortunately, this strategy is easy to introduce at the point of sale and applies to many businesses that serve customers at a location or through an in-home service. If you're looking to drive more business to your physical location or improve your in-home service business, click the link below to discuss more on our free strategy session.