Ontraport Integration with YetiText is Coming Soon.

Ontraport is a CRM and marketing automation platform designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It offers the advanced features typically found in enterprise-level platforms but through an easy-to-use interface for small, non-technical teams to use.

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How to connect Ontra and YetiText!

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Create messages to be sent as part of a Campaign Builder action in Ontraport!

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Capture leads by text message and add your prospects name, phone number, and email automatically to Ontraport through YetiText!

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Ontraport Features:

  • See all of your marketing efforts together on one map.
  • Fully customizable landing pages, email messages, opt-in forms, and more to engineer the perfect experience for each prospect and customer.
  • Clearly see how each piece of the puzzle impacts your results.
  • See how your prospects and leads engage with every single piece of your campaign.
  • Compare the performance of all of your customer and lead segments so you can find the low-hanging fruit and optimize your campaigns.

Ontraport Pricing:

  • $79/month Basic Plan for sending unlimited emails to 1,000 contacts for 1 user.
  • $149/month Plus plan for sending unlimited emails to 2,500 contacts for 2 users with guided setup.
  • $297/month Pro plan for sending unlimited emails to 10k contacts for 3 users with Postmaster consultation.
  • From $497/month Enterprise plan based on subscriber number starting at 20k contacts.
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