Setting up YetiText + Drip Workflow Messages

Within Drip Automation Workflows, you can create Actions (HTTP post) which send a command to YetiText to send a text message to your prospects or customers at the specified time within Drip. This allows you to build out the timing of workflows to send text messages along side or in place of your email actions and other automated follow up.

Start Using Yeti Text!


To start sending text messages from within a Drip Workflow, create a new text message in YetiText.


Next, select any contact data fields (these will show up automatically in YetiText with your Drip contact fields) and insert merge fields into the body of your message. For example, first name.


Once you have named the message, finished creating the message, and attached any images or contact cards (optional), save the message by clicking “Add Message” or if editing an existing message, “Update Message”.


Now that you have created your message in YetiText, we’ll need to copy the Post URL to be used in the Drip workflow action.


Log into your Drip account and go to Automation and choose an existing workflow, or create a new one to add the newly created text message to your workflow actions.


Choose to add an Action to your workflow and select “HTTP Post” from the action menu.


Finally, paste the URL that you previously copied into the Endpoint URL field and make sure to select Form-Encoded from the drop down menu under Content Type, then click the “Update Action” button. Now you are all set and ready to test!

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