Drip is a marketing automation service that allows you to craft every interaction with your leads, trial users and customers like an artisan. Send custom emails based on user behavior and automate your marketing for a fraction of the price of the major CRMs and Autoresponders. Drip + YetiText takes you to the next level, integrating sales automation and increased marketing nurture capabilities through text messaging.

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Text DRIP to 858-800-4552 to see how YetiText + Drip work!

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How to connect Drip and YetiText!

Connect Drip to YetiText

Create messages to be sent as part of an Automation workflow action in Drip!

Create Automation Texts

Capture leads by text message and add your prospects name, phone and email automatically to Drip through YetiText!

Capture Leads

Drip Features:

  • Gather new contacts and leads with forms, widgets, popovers, and app integrations
  • Build drip email workflows to send to new contacts on a schedule, with premade email templates to get started
  • Personalize emails with custom variables
  • Make automated workflows to track interactions with emails and customize your messages accordingly
  • Use Drip’s lead tracking score to see who’s most engaged
  • Automatically remove leads who are not engaged from emails

Drip Pricing:

  • Free for sending unlimited emails to 100 subscribers with Drip branding
  • $49/month Basic plan for sending unlimited emails to 2,500 subscribers with custom branding
  • $99/month Pro plan for sending unlimited emails to 5k subscribers with custom branding
  • From $149/month High Volume plan based on subscriber number starting at 10k subscribers
  • *2 months free with an annual plan – Official Drip Page
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