Setting up YetiText + ActiveCampaign Workflow Messages

Within ActiveCampaign Automation Workflows, you can create a Webhook which sends a command to YetiText to send a text message to your prospects or customers at the specified time you set in ActiveCampaign. This allows you to build out the timing of workflows to send text messages along side or in place of your email actions and other automated actions and follow up.

Start Using Yeti Text!

Step 1:

To start sending text messages from within an ActiveCampaign Automation, click on the + symbol to create a new Action.

Step 2:

Next, select “Conditions and Workflows” and choose the “Webhook” option. Leave this page open and open a new browser tab and log into

Step 3:

Select “ActiveCampaign Messaging” from the YetiText top menu and then click on “Add Message” in the top right.

Step 4:

You can choose to include merge fields from ActiveCampaign contact fields, such as first name and you can also choose to change the 160 character limit SMS message into a 1600 character limit MMS message by adding an image, contact card (vCard), or small (500kb) video file. If you are sending a link, in this step you can also use the YetiText trackable link/link shortener, which will apply a tag to any contact/lead that clicks/taps the link in the text message.

Step 5:

Once you’ve finished your message, merge fields, image/videos/vCards, and trackable links, tap Add Message to save the message.

Step 6:

Now, copy the Post URL for the Message you just created/saved and go back to your browser window that has ActiveCampaign open.

Step 7:

Finally, paste the URL that you copied for your message into where it asks for you to “Enter the URL to post to” and click on “Save”. Your Automation action of sending a text message is now ready and will be sent to your leads/prospects/customer added into this Automation, according to the timing you set in ActiveCampaign!

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