Connect YetiText & ActiveCampaign!

With ActiveCampaign + YetiText you can capture leads by text message, you can add leads to Automation Workflows which send text messages to your prospects or customers at the specified time set in ActiveCampaign. You are also able to use live, 2-way texting with prospects or customers using your business phone line. Create your YetiText account and follow the steps below to connect ActiveCampaign to YetiText!

Start Using Yeti Text!

Step 1:

Once you’ve created your YetiText account and added your credit card, choose “ActiveCampaign” from the Platform dropdown menu. Then click on “Connect” and you will be redirected.

Step 2:

Next, follow the instructions to enter your “Account Name” and “API Key”.

Step 3:

To find your Account Name and API Key, open a new browser window and log into ActiveCampaign. The first page you come to asks for your “Account Name”. This is what you will enter in YetiText in the top field labeled “Account Name”.

Step 4:

When you are logged into ActiveCampaign, under “My Settings” > “Developer”, you will find your account API Key. Copy this key and paste it back in the field in YetiText.

Step 5:

Finally, save your settings in YetiText by clicking “Setup ActiveCampaign and you can now begin to set up your automated messages or begin capturing leads using your preferred phone number and keywords which you will set up in YetiText.

Create Automation Texts