Yeti Text allows ActiveCampaign users to quickly integrate text messaging into their automations, but there is so much more.

ActiveCampaign Automations can send SMS or MMS easily. MMS with ActiveCampaign means you can send a 1,600 character text message with an image or contact card (also known as a vCard). MMS means that you can send much more text and make a bigger impression.

The Yeti Text SMS Integration for ActiveCampaign works using webhooks to trigger a message to your contact.

But there is also the option to capture leads with Yeti Text’s Active Campaign SMS Integration. Using Auto Chats, which function much like a Facebook Messenger bot, you can capture mobile phone numbers, names, emails and more with automated conversations. You select any keyword you like with your own unique Yeti Text phone number and when prospects text your number they start a chat bot that gathers contact information, adds it to your Active Campaign account then sets a tag on the contact to allow Automations to start!

But any ActiveCampaign SMS Integration would be incomplete if there wasn’t a way to deal with incoming text messages. Think about it, when you send a text from an ActiveCampaign Automation, what should happen when the prospect, lead or customer responds?

Of course you’d want to receive a push notification on your smartphone letting you know a prospect is engaging with you by SMS! And with Yeti Text’s smartphone apps for iPhone and Android, you get just that!

But what happens if you have a team? Assign your team members to get notified when a new message comes in and everyone will get a push notification letting them know about the new message. Then the first team member who claims the conversation will get to chat with the contact.

Because of how Yeti Text works, you have the entire context of the conversation right there, including text messages sent from Automations or automated chats with your chat bot.

Yeti Text makes it easy to communicate with your contacts.

But phone numbers are not just for texting, are they? No, they are not! So you can direct incoming calls where ever you need them to go and even place calls to contacts from inside of ActiveCampaign using our Chrome extension all from your own Yeti Text phone number!

And if that were not enough, you can even send direct voicemails in Automations to contacts using Yeti Text direct voicemail feature.

ActiveCampaign just got much more powerful with the help of Yeti Text!

To see Yeti Text’s ActiveCampaign SMS Integration in action text DEMO to (858) 800-4552 now!

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