Scale and Grow your Business with Text Messaging

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Improve your sales conversions with conversational texting, increase your brand’s reputation, and increase repeat business and referrals.
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Why YetiText?

Outbound SMS

Schedule and send text messages to your CRM’s contact lists using our seamless integration. With a dynamic range of options, you can personalize the feel of every message to create a unique messaging experience with your contacts.
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inbound messenger

Inbound Messenger

Monitor your inbound SMS messages from contacts with our mobile app and desktop messenger. See contact details and full historical context of messages with a contact. These interactions are recorded in your Contact’s record in your CRM.

Automated Conversations

Create keyword-based automated conversations that can be used to generate new leads in your CRM or to gather additional information from existing contacts. Seamless launch automated campaigns from these conversations with greater efficiency in your marketing and sales.
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What our Customers are Saying

From our Top-Tier support to our powerful messaging platform, customers love YetiText!
Cam McIlreavy
High Definition Impressions
"Even better than their pricing (which has to be the fairest and most competitive in the business) is their customer service. They made us feel like we were their only customer."
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Ross Walker
Three Step Marketing
"It is so easy to set up and use. It fills a big hole in the marketing for me and my clients using SMS with Active Campaign. BY FAR the best solution for SMS and phone calls for Active Campaign!"
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Matt G.
US Advisors
"Been using Yeti for a few months now, and I love the platform. We send many texts a day for our business, and have not been seeing blocks as we do on some other providers."
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Integrated with your CRM

Native and deep integrations designed for the best possible experience.
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Using HubSpot’s powerful APIs build-out workflows, and engage natively with our rich integration baked into HubSpot’s interface.

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Layer SMS onto Drip’s powerful workflow canvas for amazing sales and marketing automation.
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Enhance your Automations with a deep integration designed to help you take your marketing further.


What number will my texts send from?
Text messages sent through YetiText will be sent from a local phone number of your choice when you sign up. This number will be dedicated to your account and gives you full control over the messaging and calls on this number.
What if I need help getting started?
We pride ourselves on top tier customer support. Whether it’s a question about how to set up a text message in YetiText or something far more complex within your Automation setup, we are here to make sure you are successful with SMS.

How many automated messages or keyword conversations can I use?

Good news! You are not limited on either. The only limitation on keywords are some that are “reserved” by the carriers, such as Start, Stop, Unstop, Cancel, Unsubscribe, StopAll, End, Quit, Help, INFO, etc.

How do I see replies to outbound text messages?

You are in luck! We have put a lot of time into configuring individual and shared inboxes for receiving SMS replies from prospects/customers. You can use our mobile app to receive notifications and reply to text messages or you can use the browser login on any device to also see and reply to messages.

Can I make outbound calls and accept inbound calls on my number?

Yes, as we are working to expand our phone features, more options will be available in the near future. Currently you can forward inbound calls to any US/Canadian number you wish to use as well as make outbound calls from the same number you use for texting using our iOS/Android mobile apps.

How do “Credits” work?

Based on your subscription, the credits are equal to a dollar value. For example, if you have a plan that includes 1,000 text credits and your price per text over that is $0.04, then you would see a monthly credit of $40 added to your account. Anything over that would be charged to your additional credit balance at your plan’s per SMS rate.

What Can We Help You With?

Text DEMO to (858) 800-4552 to see how Yeti Text works or to set up a time to talk with a member of our team.