Full Featured Text Messaging for Business.

Seamlessly integrate text messaging into your business to send texts automatically or on the go.

Step 1: Open the Door to Text Prospects and Customers

Use a keyword driven automated conversation to open the door to texting with your Infusionsoft contacts. As you capture contact information, you also open their mind to understand your business responds to text messages.

* Green messages are automated, blue are live and grey are from contacts.

Step 2: Send Conversation Starting Text Messages from Campaign Builder

ALL sales happen in conversations. Do you want more sales? Have more conversations. Stop pushing people to buy and start engaging them in text message conversations and watch your profits soar! Drop a couple of text messages that ask conversation starting questions into your existing email only campaigns. It’s that easy!

Step 3: Have More Live Conversations

All the opportunity is in live texting! Don’t let anyone fool you. If you want to dramatically increase sales, start having 2-way conversations with prospects and customers via text message. Your prospects have questions, and they need answers before they will buy, but they are afraid to talk to a silver-tongued salesperson. Texting is the safe and convenient way for them to resolve their concerns before they buy!

Send and Receive Text Messages from Anywhere.

Using our desktop live chat messenger or our native iOS and Android Messenger app allows you to be notified of new incoming messages to your business and allows you to reply easily no matter where you are.

Unlimited free team member seats to allow your team to work together.

YetiText is built for teams and is designed in a way where each team member can take ownership of individual text conversations with your business contacts and work together to make communication with your leads and customers easy and intuitive.

Send and Receive multi-media with ease.

Attach an Image, virtual contact card, or audio file to your text message and send up to 1600 characters with your media attached.

Connect to Your CRM of choice to allow seamless integration.

Select from our growing list of native CRM Integrations for full-featured automated text messaging. Use all of the available automation tools in your CRM to send text messages whenever and however you want.

Generate more leads and engage in better conversations with your leads and customers through text messaging. 

Text YETI to (858) 800-4552 to see how YetiText works!

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